Foundry of cast steel SCATMAN



 Manufacturing specification

Modern work station for preparing and regenerating sable


Hand formation in forming boxes in size up to 3000x3000 (mm)

Machine formation in boxes in size of 1200x1200(mm)

Cores production in furane mass & CO2 technology

4 inductive furnaces with volumes: 2x 0,5 t, 1t, 2t

MIG/MAG casts wielding

2 table grinders

Rough machining

Casts thermal treatment

Annealing, hardening, normalization.

Maximum furnace volume - 4,5 tons of casts.

Control & Measurement Laboratory
Spectrographic analysis: 30 elements including nitrogen.
Strength tests: tensile strength, hit resistance, tests in temperatures down to -60 C degrees, hardness tests.
NDTs: ultrasonic tests, magnetic tests, penetrant tests.

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